NFL Radio: Deshaun Watson Ruling, Eagles-Saints Trade, Stefon Diggs Contract

The NFL offseason is charging toward the annual player selection meeting (also known as the NFL Draft). But until then, Deshaun Watson’s sexual misconduct allegations will continue to be a topic.

On this week’s WISE Sports Radio NFL segment, we discuss what a Texas judge says Watson must do next. The Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints make an intriguing trade of draft picks. The Buffalo Bills extend their relationship with wide receiver Stefon Diggs. And some baseball talk involving the Atlanta Braves gets snuck in there at the end.

As I said on the air, I didn’t know about the Freddie Freeman-Ronald Acuna Jr. story before Pat brought it up. So I was caught a bit off guard and would’ve given a different answer. While I agree that many Braves fans might side with an enormously popular player like Freeman, he also plays for another team now. And fans tend to root for the jersey more than the guy wearing it.

However, this also falls along old-school/new-school lines as Pat and Mike Gore demonstrated. Older, more traditional fans — and players — might not like Acuna’s style. Yet plenty of fans also want more personality in the game. Does Acuna wearing his hat low or eye black down his cheeks prevent the Braves from winning games or Acuna from putting up superstar numbers? Freeman obviously believes the game should be played a certain way. But Acuna’s way appears to be working just fine as well.

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