Baseball Radio: Pitch Clock, No Shifts, Braves Peak, Yankees Slump, Giants Turn

After a week off for Labor Day and schedule switcheroos, we’re back for a baseball segment on Asheville’s WISE Sports Radio. And we’re just in time to discuss new rules changes in baseball, including a (much-needed) pitch clock, getting rid of the defensive shift, and larger bases on the field.

Our conversation also includes asking whether the Atlanta Braves peaked too early in their surge up the National League East standings, the New York Yankees’ recent struggles, the downward turn of the San Francisco Giants, and the future of Tony La Russa as Chicago White Sox manager.

Personally, I think we should’ve gone longer on Major League Baseball’s upcoming new rules. I did get most of my points in about the pitch clock and defensive shifts, yet we didn’t get to cover the larger bases which should help create more action on the bases and result in fewer injuries.

But hey, I didn’t plan the segment and it’s not my show. I realize that probably sounds more cranky than I intended. Since the rules changes weren’t among the top headlines in Monday’s news cycle, that probably got overlooked a bit.

You can stream The WISE Guys from 3 to 6 p.m. ET at (courtesy of Mars Hill University) or the TuneIn app. Locally in the Asheville area, dial up 1310 or 970 AM and 102.9 FM. And thanks to Blue Mountain Pizza (a favorite when I used to live nearby) for sponsoring this week’s segment.

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