The Podcass: A Variety Podcast by Ian Casselberry

Hello and welcome to The Podcass! Thank you for listening and downloading when there so many choices available.

What does “variety podcast” mean? Finding a niche and sticking to it is the best formula for a successful podcast. But I don’t know how to do that. I don’t want to only talk about sports, movies, TV, and pop culture, even if I’ve spent most of my career writing about those things. To me, this should be the audio version of a blog, with stories, rants, reviews, and interviews.

Yes, the topics above interest me, my friends, and those I hope will listen. But I want The Podcass to be a place for personal stories and commentaries too. I want people to share their experiences. I want to play with the form and see where I can go with it. I want to produce content that makes people laugh but, more importantly, think.

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You can also interact with the show on social media through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where we’ll frequently post things that could be topics on the show or are worth just a quick mention.

I appreciate you checking in and hope this is the beginning of something fun.